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What slang words were popular when you were a teenager?


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PJ Stein answered

Spaz,  jive turkey, groovin', funky, bummer

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Yin And Yang answered

That was bad! (Meaning good.)


Kick him to the curb.

All that plus a bag of chips.

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Ray Dart answered

The two most interesting ones for me were b*ll*cks - which is (almost) a UK version of the American b*llsh1t. I know that there is a similar (sometimes the same) word used in the US, but here it is used slightly differently.

It can mean "nonsense", "I've never heard so much b*ll*cks in my entire life." but it is a useful expletive as well - If you don't want to do something you might well say "B*ll*cks to that!"

Oddly, the British phrase "The dogs b*ll*cks" refers to something that is excellent in every way. (Thought by some to derive from "The Box Deluxe" which was a packing for an upmarket version of a British Toy.)

There once used to be a useful, (and quite funny) wiki page on the word - alas, it has been much cleaned up, but still contains much of interest.

The other word of my youth is g*t (to rhyme with "nit"). It is both an insult and a term of endearment. "You silly g*t" might actually mean that someone is silly, or it might mean that you quite like them.

Due to my height, I was known at one company as "Lanky g*t" - I didn't mind. "Ignorant g*t", on the other hand, would be a call to arms.

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Sh*t , Bullsh(t , A$$hole ,

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In the UK I hear stuff like this often;

That's bare peak mush (thats really bad mate)

Bun dat (forget it)

I'll chef you (I'll stab you)

Safe (bye)

Sound (cool)

Calm (cool)

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