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Anyone know that there was a Earthquake that hit Washington County in Pennsylvania US the same County i live in US Geological Survey says magnitude 2.2 quake occurred early Tuesday morning ?


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Didn't know that, but have been place where they have happened and didn't feel a thing. Did you feel it?

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Didn’t know that . But we have them too every once in a while. Never know about it till I read it.

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A 2.2 is barely a ripple, like someone getting out of bed! 😅😅😅

Just kidding my friend. I am so glad there was no damage. Being from California we get use to them... Unless they are back to back. 😨

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Tom Jackson answered

I do now.

From your link: A 2.2 earthquake is not strong enough to be felt "except by a very few under especially favorable conditions," according to the Modified Mercalli intensity scale.

Historical date for earthquakes in PA on page 8 at this link

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A magnitude 2.2 earthquake hit just southwest of Washington, Pennsylvania early Tuesday morning, the United States Geological Survey said.

The earthquake happened around 2:58 a.m., according to the USGS.


Map showing location of earthquakeNo reports of any damage.   This was supposedly 16 miles from

where i live . I'm in Monongahela PA but we are in Washington County. 

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