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Wow I’m surprised you guys are still there?


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Some of us die hards are loyal to the end!  Good to see you, old friend. 😊

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I am glad to see you are still around. We have a lost a couple dear friends Otis and Walter were two. Yes there is a group of old timers, not necessarily in age. Still here. Many Ask alumni. How are things going in your world.

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Ancient One
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Me hanging in there. I lost my wife, my soulmate, Nov 2016. I have been raising our son and we both have gone through some rough spots. Quarantining has helped us both come to terms with our lingering grief and mutual depressions.
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I am so sorry to hear your f your loss! Glad you and your son got things ironed out
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Well, I’m still alive! I lost 1/2 of my lung do to the forest fires here years ago. I ha e COPD and a bunch of other boring medical things. When I was a little kid I had a pull toy. Now that I’m headed toward 73 I once again have a pull toy, a O2 concentrator at 3 liter of O2. Hang in there guys!
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Yes sir. Just riding out this cruise until the ship is completely submerged and I can't keep my nose above water any longer. Kind of like

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Good to hear from you! Anyone else from the old group still around? How is the spam on site?
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It's good to see you back. A lot of people left because of the spam. Some have been unable to log in and unfortunately a few have passed away. The spam isn't as bad as it once was . At least it's not a couple consecutive pages of spam like it used to be.
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I'm even still here (some of the time).

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Y & Y. Glad to hear from you! Yes I’m still around, guess my job here isn’t done yet. My 72nd birth day is in March and the way the days, weeks, and months are going by it will be here I know it. How are things at work your end?I just got an e-mail from Reina the other day. She would join us but can’t remember her password!
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Retiredkop Retiredkop , It is good to be seen!, answered

Sorry I was gone so long.  I’m glad to hear they worked out the spam issue. That was why I left!  It’s good to be back among old friends!

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Hello Sir,  Yes some of the old accounts have been locked and people can't log into, glad to see you on here, The spam is minimal cause the owner stopped allowing people to open new accounts God Bless You!🙏😇👼

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