Charles Walker
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To have a successful business, you need to be a writer, a marketer, a designer, and a businessman in one person. I personally do not have time for this. I appealed to specialists - they revived the site, added content, developed a logo.  Sales have increased, to which I am very happy. To attract a … Read more

Nelson Smith
Nelson Smith answered
Various platform for online marketing is currently available. Like

1. Business Listing: In the initial level you can do business listing to inform Google. You can start with GMB (Google My Business). There are many other platforms like Yelp, yellow pages, etc.

2. Content Promotion: There are different guest posting website that offers content from outside authors. … Read more
Ray  Dart
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There is a HUGE industry in and around Bangalore, also Mumbai that relies upon "getting the name out there".

They earn money according to the power of a web presence. They don't just spam Blurtit, they spam everywhere.

This will improve their search metrics, whether you respond to their contributions or not.

Most people in India (who can … Read more

Don Barzini
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I have some theories on this.

India isn’t much of a market for internet commerce, being largely a third world country full of poor people, many still without electricity.

The US is recognized as rich and prosperous, we supposedly have money to spare, and rubes abound.

Indian spammers don’t take time to recognize (or give a crap … Read more

Tanmay Kapoor
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Social Media advertising is the part of Social Media Marketing (SMM), it utilizes the all the social networking websites as a marketing platform. Simply the main goal of SMM is to share your content through social networking sites. You can easily target your audience by paid Social Media advertising. Mainly Google, Facebook, Twitter … Read more
Tanmay Kapoor
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Today everyone knows that advertising and marketing are essential keys to the growth of any product and services. Hiring an advertising agency can be a great way to promote your business. Through the support of advertising agency, you can easily establish an image of your product in the business world.

Advertising is a … Read more