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Taila Nevado
Taila Nevado answered Anonymous' question

Hello there,

Business Finance has many purposes and functions in an organisation. First of all, it helps to plan and allocate monetary resources efficiently. It also enables ratios to be calculated in order to match revenue to cost. It even allows forecasts to be made about upcoming profits or losses.

Brandon Belcher
Brandon Belcher answered

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology helps your business manage relationships and interactions with customers. It achieves this via multiple processes to hide client knowledge and interactions.
Customer relationship is very important in case of becoming a successful developer. How customer rate and how much they are satisfied with your project is important. … Read more

Anthony Barnes
Anthony Barnes answered

Social media has become a powerhouse in marketing nowadays. It has developed into a platform for bringing true valuable content to its users. The more value you bring to customers, the more results you will obtain from social media. Social media marketing is a direct method of marketing, meaning you engage with your customers one … Read more

Suresh Bursu
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Don't do stuff what you like or what you know, In a smart way just analyze competitors and decide.

Work Smart Not Hard - This Is Also One SEO Technique!!!

1. Build better content than your competitors. If they write content around 1000 words, you try to write around 1300 because the research says that the … Read more

Zoe Landry
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On page SEO is one of the most important processes you can use, not only for achieving better rankings but also for running successful Internet marketing campaigns.

Every SEO campaign has your website in focus and if it’s not properly optimized for both search engines and users, your chances of success are minimized.

Before getting into the … Read more

Anonymous answered

The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Other digital marketing advantages include increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales.

The benefits of digital marketing include:

  • Global reach - a website allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment.

  • Lower … Read more

manju rai
manju rai answered Arun Sharma's question

SEO is an essential step for increasing your websites traffic and brand awareness. Getting to page one of the search results is important.

But then the question has arrived how to achieve it?

Here are some SEO techniques that will help you to achieve top rank in SERP:

1. Perform website Audit: Check whether … Read more

Saim Ali
Saim Ali answered Arun Sharma's question

According to my perception, the most innovative SEO techniques are here: 

In depth content marketing.

guest blogging on high PA/DA sites

relevant niche based link building

google map optimization with more reviews

Being an expert at top rated Digital Marketing Agency in London, I would like to recommend you to must try these SEO techniques … Read more

Janvi Arora
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You should avoid following activities to avoid spamming:

1. Paid Links

2. Spam Comments

3. Duplicate Content

4. Article Spinning

5. Cloaking

6. Doorway Pages

7. Keyword Stuffing

8. Invisible Text

Stick to White Hat techniques that most of the SEO Agencies follow to boost traffic, keywords ranking and most importantly, Profitability.

Lubina Anas
Lubina Anas answered

The cladding work is an outside finishing system proposed to secure the key structure (like a home) and give a perfectly enchanting acknowledgment. What precisely degree it continues going depends on the sort of cladding, yet most cladding frameworks are staggeringly solid and last up to 50 years.

Metal cladding works

Metal cladding … Read more

Bhawna Tripathi
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Marketing is a highly diverse field and has numerous numbers of openings among various industries. It needs dynamic mindsets that are ready to change with the trend and adapt to new technologies and innovations in the field. Marketing jobs basically depend on your skill of convincing abilities and the future scope … Read more

Charles Walker
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To have a successful business, you need to be a writer, a marketer, a designer, and a businessman in one person. I personally do not have time for this. I appealed to specialists - they revived the site, added content, developed a logo.  Sales have increased, to which I am very happy. To attract a … Read more

Nelson Smith
Nelson Smith answered
Various platform for online marketing is currently available. Like

1. Business Listing: In the initial level you can do business listing to inform Google. You can start with GMB (Google My Business). There are many other platforms like Yelp, yellow pages, etc.

2. Content Promotion: There are different guest posting website that offers content from outside authors. … Read more
Ray  Dart
Ray Dart answered Dumb Goat's question

There is a HUGE industry in and around Bangalore, also Mumbai that relies upon "getting the name out there".

They earn money according to the power of a web presence. They don't just spam Blurtit, they spam everywhere.

This will improve their search metrics, whether you respond to their contributions or not.

Most people in India (who can … Read more

Call me Z
Call me Z answered Dumb Goat's question

I have some theories on this.

India isn’t much of a market for internet commerce, being largely a third world country full of poor people, many still without electricity.

The US is recognized as rich and prosperous, we supposedly have money to spare, and rubes abound.

Indian spammers don’t take time to recognize (or give a crap … Read more