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Don't think it is an easy job, not every man can work as a porn actor and a rare woman will agree for this. If you think you're good enough for this you can try webcams, many famous actors promoted themselves as amateurs (at sites like ). If you succeed in … Read more

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Without experience and some physical factors you won't become a porn star immediately, but if you're anxious to try you can start as an amateur, download your videos to PornHub. Webcams are another great opportunity + you can earn some money there. I often hang at sites from this list and … Read more

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Confession: The movie 'Get out' was too predictable and over-hyped, Listening to the directors/writers talk about the ideas behind the movie was fantastic, but the movie itself was pretty terrible and I wouldnt recommend it.

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I remember seeing that one. Hilarious ; - )

Off hand I don't remember the episode's name. There's quite a few episodes listed on Youtube...take a look there.

Good luck.