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What you need is a calculator, a piece of paper and a pencil. First multiply 5000 times 1.02

Record that number. That is the balance after 1 year. That new number then needs to multiplied by 1.02 to give you the balance after 2 years. Keep doing this till you get to to five years. 

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered

Well, just so you understand what you have with what you are given:

You have 2 of the 8 positive divisors and you need 6 more.

You also have the number, which is  21 x 35 = (the number).

Would the factors of 21 and 35 give you any more information?

(The answer is "yes"---and that's plenty of help.)

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Jaymie?  Did you just post all ten of your math assignment questions, expecting us to do your homework for you?  Silly you! 

No one here will cheat for you.  In the end, you're only cheating yourself out of your education.

We do offer homework help.  This is just cheating.

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It would be easier to answer that question if you gave the initial problem as well as the answer you're currently at. Though, I should say, setting an equation equal to zero isn't really something you should be doing usually...