PJ Stein
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I am married and I don't take my husband on every trip to visit family and friends. He'll just be bored.if you don't really know her family and friends, she would have to spend time and energy making sure you feel included. She probably wants to just go and relax a bit. Don't sweat it.

Twallgirl Wallace
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Make sure that you put yourself around people who love you for you. A friend should have your best interest at heart. A friend will be there to support you through good times as well as bad. Work on you and who you want to be and the friendships will come

no name
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stay away from people who say your to nice or boring find good friends having no friends is better than friends who treat you poorly

Toni Pauze
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Find something or someone to focus your attention on. Stay busy . Every time you think her name start doing something different. Time is what you need but you have work at it.

Walt O'Reagun
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YES ... It IS rude to touch anybody without their permission. 
Friend or not.

Just because you think you are friends, does not mean THEY think so ... Let alone that friendship gives you the right to touch them.  Some people are uncomfortable with others touching them, no matter whether they are friends or not.

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