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Yes, if it's part of your agreement. Hopefully you have one in writing. If you don't, and you've been living there for a while already and the landlord had simply added it, then no .. There are very struck laws in terms of rental increases once a  tenancy has already begun. You will then have … Read more

PJ Stein
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You need to read your lease. My niece lived one place that the utilities were included in the average month. But if he went over the allotted amount, used more electricity or water, he had to pay more for those months. Even if he used half that amount every other month.

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I'm assuming you're looking for information about flat roofs because you're looking to replace a flat roof on your home (or on a porch that's part of your home). I hope I can help!

Flat roofs are just that-- flat, and they're primarily used in the roofing of commercial buildings. On residential homes, you'll find flat … Read more

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I have had the best luck with Enterprise. They aren't the cheapest, but they have always had the car I ordered there when I got there. Hertz is good too. They haven't always had my car, but gave me an upgrade when they didn't.

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The carpet is a part of the apartment and as a fixture, it is included inside the rental fee that is charged to you. In my opinion anyway. Unless you have stained, or damaged the carpet in any way during your stay, you shouldn't be liable to make any payments for it. Same for storage … Read more

Seth Frantz
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It is an agreement between tenant and landlord. It has some legal rules, regulations and conditions. Some follow a written agreements while others follow oral agreements.

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I don’t think that there is any responsibility on the tenant to paint or replace anything in an apartment at all, unless things are damaged and/or stained. Cupboards and storage shelfs should be fixed if they were in good order when you moved in and generally keeping the place in as good a working it … Read more

Mel Brandle
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I think that this depends on what is stated inside your agreement with your landlord. Conservatively you'll need around a month to finalise things and move things out of storage into boxes, but some landlords require more notice so that they can get someone else to take over your apartment when you leave.