Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren answered Joyce Hall's question

I would diagnose Mr. Trump as a Misogynistic Narcissist with Sociopathic and Racists tendencies.

He treats women as objects, tends to discriminates against race, and feels the world SHOULD revolve around him while not showing any real empathy for those around him.

Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang answered Jeremy Fink's question

1.) Affordable healthcare for all

2.) Sign a bill raising Social Security benefits $15.00

for the next 4 years

3.) Raise taxes on the wealthy and millionaires while giving a tax break for those who are Middle Class income

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang answered Darik Majoren's question

Lol! Oh man! Mine was when I dressed up as Paula Abdul! I loved her songs "cold hearted snake" "opposites attract" and "straight up." That was the first year I realized...... The importance of my parents saying "wear comfortable shoes!" Lol! And here I thought they were just trying to be mean! 😅