KB Baldwin
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I enjoy traveling with friends, altho traveling alone is fine.  Wife and I met some nice folks on a cruise back in (I think)  2001.  We got along so well that the four couples have been meeting up for a week or so every year since.  We've visited Canada three times, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, … Read more

Darik Majoren
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I think that 17 is a bit old to go Trick or Treating . . . Please tell me you at least are wearing a costume so as to be truly in the holiday spirit.

Also, are there no Halloween parties you can go to with friends?

PJ Stein
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You need to check what your automobile policy says. It would need to cover the full cost of the truck and you would need to be able to cover your deductible immediately. If your policy is covers $50k with a $500 deductible you will need to come out of pocket, not only the $500 but … Read more

Darik Majoren
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I have, and I've Loved and Hated it.

I love the adventure and independence of it all being on MY shoulders. I love the freedom to just go out and explore . . .

I DO hate finding something really cool, and having no one to share it with though . . .

I would still like … Read more

PJ Stein
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Most of the traveling I have done was by myself. Or just me and a dog or two, or three.  I almost find it easier traveling by myself. There has only been a couple of times I didn't feel totally safe. I am good about listening to that inner voice and being alert to what … Read more