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If you're interested in removing your profile from Blurtit, then you can email me at [email protected]

Whilst we'd obviously like to keep as many of our lovely users as we possibly can, I totally understand that some people may have second thoughts about the profiles they've created on Blurtit.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Blurtit answers remain around … Read more

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this is a good site that explains how tornadoes form.

In America’s mid-west, near Oklahoma City, an area is known as Tornado Alley because it has more tornadoes than any other place on earth.  This is because "The relatively flat land in the Great Plains allows cold dry polar air from Canada to … Read more

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It can yes. Some of the long term damages it can cause are:
-Low self-esteem, feelings of self-hatred or shame.
-An inability to trust, often leading to difficulties in establishing relationships.
-Sexual difficulties or a lack of ability to feel sexual with individuals other than those with whom there is no attachment
-Increase in alcohol or drug use, … Read more

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usually about the age of 11 or 12 but some don't until 16. So as soon as you body has matured you will start but if you have not started by 20 then you should speak with you doctor just to check everything is okay and that nothing is wrong.

hope this helps

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Each student should be offered the opportunity to explore the material at her/his own pace and in accordance with her/his own level of interest. A student who is not failing deserves just as much attention as one who is. (The grading scheme only gets in the way of giving each student what s/he needs.)
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I think it is important to give students who are not failing extra tutoring but only if the student wants it, because there may be something in some lessons that the student doesn't understand and the student may well be in need of extra help. The student may not want to ask the subject teacher … Read more

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It should remain up to the reader. They may have thanked you for your answer simply because of the effort you gave, it may not have helped at all. Therefore, they probably wouldn't 'up-vote' that. It needs to remain up to them, but that's just my two-cents.

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The way I see it, the relationship between the two words is simply explained like this: Extinction is what happens to species that can't cut the test of natural selection.

Charles Darwin is the man credited with popularising the term "natural selection" in his book The Origin of Species.

Extinction and natural selection

Natural selection is … Read more

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As a latter-day-saint (Mormon) I believe the purpose of living is  to draw nearer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly father. To learn all we need to learn to live eternally with God. We are here to learn good from evil, to make the right choices and become more like our Heavenly Father.

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Really, this depends on what sort of friendship you're talking about, and whose secrets you're sharing!

Sharing Secrets: When to Share and Who to Share With

  • If you're close friends with someone, you probably trust them not to tell everybody else your secrets. If they've got previous - or have shared … Read more

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Well if it's your secret and no one else's secret and if you're very close friends and you can trust them not to tell anyone else then I think it's good to share secrets, it also takes a huge weight off your shoulders.  If your mate is a true friend then they shouldn't treat you … Read more

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Depending on your age there are different symptoms, if you experience four of more of the symptoms then speak with your doctor. The common signs of depression are: In an adult: -tiredness -sleep problems-worry -weepiness -sadness, despair, misery, gloom and blackness -loss of affection towards oneself or/and others -a sense of failure, unworthiness, even self … Read more
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I'm 16 and I lost my virginity to my boyfriend who's 17 recently. He's had sex a lot of times before and he guided me through it gently & slowely. He didn't know I was a virgin until he put it in because I started groaning with how painful it was. But he went slowely … Read more