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Right now siting on my back deck doing nothing being lazy on a Sunday and faking that I might play hookie from work tomorrow ....even though I know I won''s a nice lie to tell myself right now though so I'm going with it.

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The first key of everyone's happiness is

1.To do what they love 2.To surround themselves with what and whom they love.

In exact answer, i'd name one factor and that would be other's happiness, cheers and laughs, that's my most favorite sound, imagine a soccer game with thousand of fans all in one place, when … Read more

Ace Clariel
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Sun on my face on a cold day.

The sound of waves crashing on a beach or a creek babbling.

Children laughing.

Flowers in my garden.

My dogs snuggling with me.

My husband putting his arms around me.

Birds chirping in the morning.

watching the sunrise or set.