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You mean like possession? I guess it could be possible. I wonder if siamese twins have separate souls even though they share one body. They could be separated later through surgery, is that one soul divided by 2? So many uncertain answers.

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It's ALWAYS a better idea to have things like that checked out by a doctor .. NEVER allow assumtions to determine your state of health when you are dealing with something chronic.  Granted, it may very well be 'genetic' but it could also be compromized by other things.  Go and see your doctor .. And … Read more

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My dream job (and I may be a few steps closer in a couple of years) is to become a well-known baker or chef of my own because, even though I dislike most of the human race (not joking), I still love creating things people might enjoy.

You know what would be a really fun … Read more

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Some say they have even more to give than "normal"(straight) people. They may seem cold at times, but that's usually from a traumatic experience from their past. A lot, especially the elders (over 18-20), had to hold in a lot more at the time. 

People weren't as open as they are now. I wish people wouldn't … Read more