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Probably won't happen in the way that you are thinking. There aren't enough powerful nations that hate each other. Understand, when the first World War broke out the Earth was full of super-powerful empires that hated each others' guts. The British, Germans, Russians, and Japanese were all very strong empires that hated each other and … Read more

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I once read an article about 12 ways that researchers think humanity's time on this planet might come to an end, and they're all pretty predictable...climate change, nuclear warfare, super volcanoes, asteroids, global pandemic, even the threat from artificial intelligence.

I have a feeling it'll likely be a combination of multiple things that puts an end … Read more

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I agree with Tannis Mitchell, "There's no such thing as being popular,"

Popularity is about being yourself, if you want people to like you, they might as well like the real you. Don't forget there will be those who won't like you, just let them be and don't sink to their level.

If you're referring … Read more

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I believe that we should not be afraid or terrified when the end of the world does come. Why? Because this wicked world in which we live in is soon to be replaced by the rule of the perfect Kingdom of God, for which Jesus taught his followers to pray. (Matthew 6:9, 10)

All of … Read more

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This is the answer I gave here 4 years ago:

"That depends on what you mean by "end". One day, billions of years in the future, our sun will become a red giant and our current orbit will actually place the earth inside the sun. Will that be the end?

It is possible that still further … Read more

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I believe the end of this world is coming just as God's Word, the bible has foretold. By all accounts, the end of this system is rapidly approaching very soon. When Jesus disciples asked him for a sign indicating the conclusion of the system of things, Jesus responded by telling them a number of events … Read more

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There are many theories about that and interestingly enough most are very plausible.  Believe it or not, but our environment is very delicate because it involves an element of balance.  Throughout millions of years of evolution, our planet has metamorphised in this journey, shifting and changing not only it's phyisical appearance, but every life form … Read more

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I would spend the day with my family.

I'd tell them I love them and that I'll be waiting for them in Heaven.

I'd say that I know it'll be hard when I am gone, but that they must move on with their lives, that they stayed behind for a reason and they should pursue that reason.

I'd … Read more

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The way things are today are not what God purposed. Man has made the claim that they don't need their creator and would be better off without him. Well what we see today is mounting evidence that they need their creator. Once the point has been made to our Creator's satisfaction, he will intercede and … Read more

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It's utter crap.  The writing itself is sophomoric at BEST (truly awful grammar and style- very juvenile), the characters are one dimensional, the plot is practically nonexistent, and the premise absurd. 

It's truly disturbing that there are so many great writers who can't get published and THIS slop is what dominates the market.

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Many "hard times" will occur prior to the "end", as Jenn Taylor points out, with her provided scripture, above.

According to the Bible, the "end" of the world as humans know it, today, involves God's identity, name, and a serious "controversy" between God and those who are ignoring Him, and His directives. Those who are willingly … Read more

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In practical terms, I think t.s.eliot got it right. It's not going to go with a bang but with a whimper. Too many people doing too many thoughtless things will eventually make the planet virtually uninhabitable -- either through too much pollution, too few resources, or a combination of both.

In the long term it'll be … Read more