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One warning and then they'd be out the door especially nowadays where there are so many good, college educated with work experience people looking for work to keep their families fed and bills paid.  Good help is so hard to find but its out there if someone is willing to pay for it and not … Read more

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How would you know when a game started or ended without time? Most sports involve 2 sides competing to achieve a goal within a fixed period of time.

Also time is vital for spectators too. I'm looking forward to my favorite soccer team playing later today, and I would miss out if I didn't know what … Read more

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Don't go on the site. No site, no bullying. You cannot control others you can only control yourself, it is up to you to protect yourself that is what becoming an adult is all about. If they are bullies then don't take it personally they'd bully anyone, people like this get enjoyment out of what … Read more

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Do not commit suicide. Door of opportunities is still there waiting for your knock.

Ignore them and make your life worthy.

Do things t hat will make you happy like improving your skills and talents.

Enjoy being with your family where you feel appreciated and loved.  Remember this: do not commit to some acts that willRead more

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It's only worthless if you make it worthless.

The successful people in college usually have a general idea about what they want to become and how they're going to get there long before college age. People who are unsure about college at that age and go to college anyway tend to make a lot of … Read more

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Evil is a behavior, that can originate in the thoughts of a mind, when one intends to carry out a harmful impulse or desire.

The first record of the development of "evil" desire and intent, is recorded at Genesis chapter 4, verse 1-5, where a sly individual set himself against God, to imply that Jehovah, was … Read more