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He apparently was born as an illegitimate child to a mother 17 years of age...there does not seem to be a marriage certificate anywhere showing a legal marriage. Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we try to deceive
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I think people like Trump because he's not afraid to speak his mind....good, bad, or indifferent.....people know where they stand and what he thinks. He doesn't talk in circles to say a while lotta nothing like normal politicians who have been groomed to do so. Would he make a good president? Who knows, can't be … Read more

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As of right now, my vote is going to Dr. Ben Carson. I like where he stands on major issues such as healthcare, marriage, 2nd amendment rights, and the economy. I also like that he is, essentially, the model of the American dream; lifting himself out of poverty by hard work to become one of … Read more

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College isn't required, but it's a pretty good idea.  People will be far less likely to vote for a person they view as uneducated- particularly in the fields of political science, economics, finance, and law. 

There is a reason a large percentage of our elected officials are lawyers- because we understand that no matter how … Read more

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You should go to college, but you don't have to. 2 of our presidents didn't go to college.you can become a delegate at just age 18!  I suggest you start by joining legislature req. Age 21

Then congress req. Age 25

Then run for governor or senator req. Age 30

President and vp req. Age 35(you must be … Read more

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A good college education is a must for any aspiring politician of the future. You'll need the education and credentials to show people that you are qualified. Although I do wonder about where some of our politicians got theirs. Mail order?