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From what I have seen it is usually when someone is face with a problem. They will find a way to solve it and sometimes that way is in new and innovative.

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How does an "awareness that exists" produce a new thought?

Not a clue.

Share the nomenclature of your personal philosophy of being and maybe we can come up with some ideas.

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Open a paper dictionary. Close your eyes and flick the pages and let your finger rest on two or more words randomly. You might come up with a new thought. Of course you may never know if someone else has thought an idea with those random words before.

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Begin with an unlikely name -- say, Mog Mog, which, of course is your own name.

Mix up the letters until you get someting unique, say Omgomg,

Capitalise it. OMGOMG and split it in half OMG, then try to imagine a world were people worship a being called OMG and, whenever they want to comment … Read more