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If all you are seeking is information, the content is usually more important that the form in which it arrives.

On the other hand, objects and methods and their forms are sometimes important to the total experience of "learning" and sometimes to the phenomenon of "memory." 

You have heard of the Great Books of the WesternRead more

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In addition to the answers already given ... Libraries are not necessary for those who wish only to use electronic information.

However ... Libraries are a VITAL form of information storage.  Were all electronics to be rendered inoperable (a VERY real possibility due to either natural or manmade EMP) ... Without the physical copies … Read more

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Libraries are still open because not all books are available on electronic devices....and libraries offer more than books, internet access, movies, music, children and adult programs. Sometimes it's nice to read a regular book.

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Angela Anthony already gave the perfect answer.  The library isn't just books! There are a lot of children's activities at our local library.  They do arts and crafts, have speakers come in and provide a safe environment for students to do their homework.  Our public schools have gotten rid of their school libraries and provide … Read more