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Well, it certainly isn't "abnormal".  Feelings aren't right or wrong .... They just are.  I hope you will come to terms with it as time goes on for your own peace of mind.  Try to be open with your dad and tell him you're not ready yet, but don't close the door forever. 

Wishing you … Read more

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There is no normal when it comes to feelings and family. I do suggest you talk to your mom about your feelings and tell her why you feel that way. If it is because you feel your father abandoned you, I understand. I didn't see much of my dad growing up. I really didn't care … Read more

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There is a teacher at my school who gets annoyed if boys and girls are sitting next to each other and accidentally bump knees... Our 'codename' for her is a literal 'coocoo'.  She hasn't figured it out... Yet.

Another good codename is Pacman, a book/movie/tv character that is mutually hated by all in the party (eg. … Read more

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Yes and don't be surprised if you get called down to the office to talk to a social worker or something. And usually school help programs are really unhelpful, you should go to a mental health clinic. I'm surprised if your parent/guardian hasn't noticed already. You might want to lie at your school though because … Read more