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I see "LGBTQ" as an easily recognisable acronym for a group, even though the group is comprised of individuals. The people who form that group may relate more to one of those labels -- perhaps more than one -- than to another, yet they share a common cause.

As a focal point for individuals -- … Read more

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Classification of people by appearance or actions is not inherently wrong. 

For example, we discriminate against people who are vertically challenged---under 48" tall--- when they want to ride certain amusement park rides.

And we discriminate for certain individuals who are mobility challenged---wheel chairs---by providing special accommodations for them.

I think the value of the distinctions involved here … Read more

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That we can now openly discuss and recognize members of this community without threat of vilification indicates how far we've come in the exercise of personal freedom. That this community of fellow sentient human beings requires a label at all is an indication of how far we still have to go in the exercise of … Read more