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It must be the day for really random "questions" today on Blurtit. My advice to you is - make an account providing that you are at least 13 years old. Ask an actual question - you will get more accurate responses to what you need to know. Answer some questions here - be thoughtful in … Read more

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When you're arrested and charged with a crime, a record of the event is entered into the database that local and state law enforcement agencies use to monitor the criminal records of various members of the public.

This has changed decisively. If you have a criminal record, it's now impossible to outrun it for any sustained … Read more

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The Marshall Police Department has several specialized divisions that play a vital role in the overall effectiveness of the department. The divisions include: Crime Scene Investigation, K-9 Unit, Marshall Criminal Apprehension Team (MCAT), motorcycle patrol and a juvenile section.

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I think once all their options for "appeal" has happened and they are still convicted as a pedophile then let the parents of the child have an hour alone with the pervert. If he/she violated more then one child then each parent gets an hour alone. Then IF they survive the hour with the parent … Read more

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The salient argument against the death penalty (for any crime) comes from Gandalf Greyhame. He said, "Many live who should have died; some died who should have lived. Are you wise enough to know the difference?"

Juries make mistakes and a person's life should not depend on the skill of lawyers to manipulate inexperienced, unqualified jurors. … Read more