Falynne knight
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If you've been falsely accused of domestic violence the first thing you should do is consult with an attorney to discuss your options and how to proceed with a case. According to a defense attorney in Rhode Island, your attorney will firstly speak with any and all witnesses as well as review … Read more

Joy Twain
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Benjamin Barker, a.k.a. Sweeney Todd, was framed by Judge Turpin.  Turpin wanted his wife.  The crime was never specifically named in the story.  It was just referred to as a "crime of foolishness."  He was sentenced to life, but escaped after 15 years.  (I may have the years wrong.  I'm too lazy to Google it.)

Jeremy Fink
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Our numbers are obtained in several ways. Cell phone companies, businesses, landline companies, etc will often sell phone numbers. Also, I'm sure these foreign scammers are also hackers so they hack to find information, or pay someone to find it for them. The "do not call" registry doesn't mean squat to scammers and criminals. Obviously. … Read more

VetustIor Humo
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They obtain your number in various ways. Sometimes your number and address is sold for advertising purposes. Said lists are copied and resold to criminals. There is also a computer program that will generate telephone numbers automatically and call them. If there is an answer or voice mail recording the number is marked as active … Read more

YoWanna Cook
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Be prepared for the one that tells you on your computer that the FBI is monitoring you because they know you have been looking at p*rn and now you have to pay 500 dollars for them to stop watching you! Lol!

Bottom line...... There are blue collar criminals as well as white collar criminals. When … Read more

Scott Winters
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I had that happen. A guy called me and told me that the government was awarding me $9,000 for always paying my bills on time and being faithful with my taxes. I led him on for a few moments and hung up. The next day, the exact same guy called me with the same exact … Read more

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it would be a stupid and potentially hazardous thing for them to do. To get to my door you need to enter a small screened in porch. IF  I open my door they will be face to face with two large dogs that will literally jump up to be face to face. Who knows where … Read more