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I just need a list of countries which unconditionally supper Israel at the UN?===========================================================

1- The only country whose unconditional support really matters is the United States of America [USA]

2- Jews were migrating in significant numbers to the USA, from Europe where they were facing problems, until the USA closed its borders to the Jews in … Read more

Danae Hitch
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The Morrill Land-Grant Acts are United States statutes that allowed for the creation of land-grant colleges in U.S. States using the proceeds of federal land sales. The Morrill Act of 1862 was enacted during the American Civil War and the Morrill Act of 1890 expanded this model.

If you do a Bing or Google search, you … Read more

The Z.
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It would be obvious to consider leadership positions such as presidents and prime ministers as likely solutions to this question, but, if you study the nature of politics, politicians themselves don't provide solutions or solve problems. Its not what they do. Most couldn't if they tried. Politicans and their careers are subject to the ebb … Read more

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I don't believe we can. Given the current corruption of our media, and the dysfunctional government agenda with its too-deeply entrenched political partisanship, there is little hope of any overhaul sufficient to right the ship. It would mean not only sweeping out the old guard of Congress, the inept Executive Branch and the doddering, useless … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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Dismantle it.

Do away with the entire federal district.

Use technology to require the representatives to have offices in their home districts, and meet in a secured online "chat room".  >  This will empower the People, and diffuse the power of Lobbyists.

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The National Medical Association is the largest and oldest national organization representing African American physicians and their patients in the United States. The NMA promotes the collective interests of physicians and patients of African descent.

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One need to have mind of their own and never influenced by the media. Media and their reverse psychology tricks should never work. We have been told what to do all along our lives and high time we started thinking for ourselves or else we would be run by nanny states.

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There were a number of people I knew who would have voted for Hillary; but since Trump was a "shoo-in" according to the polls they expressed their intent to vote for one of the minority candidates in the hope of getting them eligible for matching funds in the future.

It turned out that even if all … Read more

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As a rule I generally don't talk politics because people are way too passionate about their views but I will say that of all the elections I have voted in this one is by far the strangest. It is sad though that "he" was placed in the WH mostly because of the hatred for Hillary. … Read more

Dark Majinn
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While I do not believe the this country's best interest is his main goal, I do believe he will leave the presidency having done all he can to line his pockets, and those of his other elite 1% "Friends".

It will be a definite "Win" for HIM.

Let's all hope he makes it the four … Read more