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It means his lying to one of you. Trust what he has said to you and move on, don't let him play games because he can't be honest.  Don't over analyse it he has told you that he doesn't want to be with you, what was the reason?

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I know a couple like this, I use to always come away from them feeling tired. I realised that everything they said was negative. It is emotionally draining to try and lighten a wet blanket. I realised this couple didn't want to be cheered up they wanted to make me miserable like them, I now … Read more

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The scare comes from people not understanding this article...

Certain weightbearing exercises in young teenagers are discouraged, however the body does need some form of weightbearing in order to strengthen bone. Doctors advise children not to partake in weights but to use resistent bands. I worked in a environment where heavy lifting was … Read more

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Where on the genitals or on the mouth?  Genital herpes can be treated with antivirals, which you'll need to get from a doctor, or family planning clinic, they can advise you further. 

Oral herpes (cold sores/fever blisters), you can get cream from a pharmacist, avoid kissing anyone, sharing glasses or towels for 7 - 10 … Read more