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Too funny! Where do you find these words!?!??! I love it! Lol!

Here is my sentence......

Are there actually any real throttlebottoms? I mean once they are in a public office are they ever really harmless?

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It's a neat quip and, yeah, I like it. But I wasn't really kidding. I started doing it in my 20s and it seemed to work so I've kept it up ever since. Sure, there are bad days but they're greatly outnumbered by the good ones. Optimism wins!
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It is impossible to be happy all the time. Life is filled with ups AND downs. You have to learn to deal with the downs. Learn they are a temporary state. Figure out what needs to be adjusted so you can move and not dwell there.  They help us learn to appreciate the ups so … Read more

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It was the time of the shire elections at Wheelabarabak and, as is often the case in local government, the candidates were a mixture of self-serving businessmen and incompetent throttlebottoms.

Fabulous word, by the way. Virginia will love it. 

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Sugar Ray Robinson (the original Sugar Ra) said that occasionally somebody tries to start a fight with him in a bar. He ducks the first time. He ducks the second time. If they throw a third punch he hits them in the stomach with everything he's got and then, he said, if they're still standing, … Read more
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I'm fairly fit and strong. I'd probably be shocked and frozen first, but I'm fairly confident that I could defend myself before running.  I was taught how to get out of a strangle hold and other things.  Sucker punch them in the throat and go for the eyes. I always carry my keys splayed out … Read more