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As you and Yin have already pointed out, the science is worthwhile. It may have many applications including organ replacement.

Cloning people may be about as useful (and as controversial) as cryogenic preservation but I suppose there's always the advantage that if I had a toothache i could send my clone to the dentist.

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Honestly, I don't think cloning any animal is a good idea. As for cloning humans I think it is even worse. I saw a show or movie years ago where a couple wanted to clone their child who had passed away or was on life support. The doctors who were contacted to do the cloning … Read more

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I don't think so, Z.  The only way I would find it useful would be to replace parts of my body. They'd have to only clone parts of my body, if they cloned the whole thing then it would have to be without a brain. If not we'd be into an ethical issue, there might … Read more

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No I don't think cloning actual humans or animals is appropriate. However I think the science behind it should not go to waste. I think it would come in handy to clone say an ear for a patient who had to have their ear removed.

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There are plenty of humans on this earth, they are overpopulated. Humans kill lots of animals every year in the claim that they are "pests" yet they fail to look in the mirror to see who the real pests are. I think they should allow human testing and stop with the animal testing. It is … Read more

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We had a prison comedy in Sydney last week, Walter. One of the state's most notorious criminals, 72 year old Neddy Smith, serving two life sentences for murder, was taken to hospital for treatment. He wasn't handcuffed but there were two prison guards in the ward with him at all time. One of the guards … Read more
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Often it due to the Chaplin. The Chaplin is a person that prisoners can talk to in confidence. This may lead to a want of turning their life around or being forgiven.  I also know members of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous go into prisons, and their programme is based on a belief in a higher … Read more

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Despair, I should think, Otis.

Religion is also used as a ploy by some to persuade parole boards that they were safe to let out into society.

David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) who "found God" in prison and now helps out with chapel services and counselling has applied for parole 15 times without success. He continues … Read more

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It sounds as though you need a focal point -- something rather smaller than the two world wars.

Here are a few WW2 topics you can Google that will give you something to write about. (There are plenty of videos available, both news reports and fictional, that will help you to get a bigger picture.) My … Read more