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George Orwell once pointed out that there is no similarity between a sheep standing on its hind legs and a man ... But a flock of sheep standing on their hind legs and a crowd of men are identical.

If you've ever attended a union meeting or a political rally you'll probably agree with him.

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*Edited* I forgot a few things.

1. Lack of respect and regard for others and human life.

2. Greed.

3. Selfishness.

4. Self-important syndrome.

5. Entitlement mentality.

6. "The customer's always right."

7. Lack of morals and values.

8. Laziness.

9. Impatience.

10. Drug usage.

11. Gangs.

12. Alcohol addiction/abuse.

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Oh he laid it on thick telling her all the usual things a girl would want to hear but she immediatly saw through his oleaginous BS and kicked him to the curb. She will never give him a second date.

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I stopped caring. I don't care if I'm good enough or not. Having narcissistic parents teaches you that you will never be good enough. That's a hard blow when it comes from the people who are supposed to believe in you. I separated, took stock, and gave myself the validation I was craving. I realized … Read more

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You can't be happily married if you are like brother and sister. It is two completely different relationships. Now sure you can be happy and married and still have no kisses, hugs, or touches. Life has a way of changing as do relationships. Some seasons are hot and heavy. Other seasons are dry and deserted.