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Depends on what you are willing to do to sell it.

If you don't mind dealing with the public and having people test drive the car you will probably get a fair market value when you finally sell it. But be sure to look up the value with sites like

If you want quick … Read more

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You could try to talk to someone about it. That usually helps. It really depends on what the act was. In any case though, I think it comes down to the consequences. If you've already dealt with those then it's best to learn from your mistakes and move on. And if not, then maybe it's … Read more

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Kentucky fried chicken..... After a worker there told a little girl who just got out of the hospital from being mauled by a dog and her grandma that they needed to leave because the little girls face was scaring the customers! (I hated KFC anyways but still.... Now I have an even BETTER reason for … Read more

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ASDA (the UK branch of Wal*mart) after they fined a member of my family £50 for overstaying in their car park.

Since I used to spend several thousand pounds in there every year, I'm pleased to say that their petty theft has actually cost them, over the last few years, many times what they stole from … Read more