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Anyone who is cruel and says offensive things are telling you more about themselves than anyone else. They are scared and insecure and take it on people they think they can control. What they usually say about others is the thing they don't like about themselves. Don't let them get you down. You should actually … Read more

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Ask yourself . . . "what weight of influence does this person have on my life?"

In the grand scheme of things (YOUR LIFE), how much what this person says should I even consider to be important or meaningful. Think this through (Works for people being bullied as well). The impact of negative things that … Read more

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Some people will tell you things to bring you down if they feel like you are succeeding, do not fall for it.

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You are entitled to your feelings no matter what feelings they are..... Because they are FEELINGS. Now actions are another thing. When your feelings turn towards revenge or suicidal thoughts or destructive behaviors then it is time to seek some professional help. When you have been this hurt, you need to feel through it. You … Read more

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Don't sweat it ... And don't under estimate your own potential.

Although we all make mistakes and miss opportunities .. And experience the same regret, you have to understand something about life in general.  Sometimes, believe it or not, it's for the better as long as we learn from our mistakes.

I don't know what your missed … Read more

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Pray for mental peace and smile­čśĆ.

Are you sure you have missed out on the once in a lifetime opportunity?  Gather your thoughts, see it from a different angle. Can you find another way to approach that deal? Was it really for you? Capitalize on another deal.

Your joy is in your … Read more

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You must work on yourself. You should build yourself up and don't let others influence you like this. You are empowered by your unique creature of mind and body, you have to embrace yourself and capture the positiveness instead of negativity of people who purposed to put you down. This is part of our life. … Read more