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As an adult ... I should be able to go to any website that is legal.

Obviously, there should be legal restrictions on websites.
EG: Things that are illegal "in real life" should be illegal online, as well.

And if parents or organizations wish to place filters on their computers to block/filter websites ... That is their right, … Read more

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Some web sites would be much better filtered but if you start with that, where do you stop? And who makes the rules? It's one of the weaknesses of the Internet that unpleasant people can get away with posting unpleasant, even inflammatory material.

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Dear Ray, Blurtit is ruined of course. This place has been like a home to me in the last 6 years and you all guys are really great. I don't want to lose this place. I wish there was a way to fight back and get our site back. I don't want to give up … Read more

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It is difficult. It could be good if you could forgive them. But in farsi we have a saying that goes: you need to remove the tooth that aches! So itno means you need to let them go, but forgive them at the same time not for them, for yourself!
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Well his organisation was seeking seperation from the Britain and I don't see wht that is a problem. They were after an independent Ireland and as far as I know they are not active anymore. Approximately, 60 civilians have died in their operations and the rest were all military members. Of course murder of any … Read more