Alot of people are saying im more better off being in a relationship but i am more happier being single how can i prove people who think im better off being in a relationship that im more happier being single?


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You should stop looking for confirmation and validation from others in order to set up what should or possible can make you happy.

You decide your life and set your comfort zone. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. This is your life. It's nobody's business to see what you see, it's nobody's business to support you for what you choose. It's only your business to see your path and support your own decisions and stand by them. This is your life not theirs. Own it and don't waste the time you have got in this journey to convince others how you wanna live. As long as you are convinced. Nothing else matters.

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Say this and it will shut them up  ...I've been single for a while now and I have to say it's working out ...I mean,  it's going very well ...I think I'm the one!!! :)

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Biker Girl is a very wise women.

You are not in this world to live up to,

any ones expectations. But if some how,

you meet in the middle, its beautiful.

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You don't.  I was single for years and enjoyed by own company. But if you want a come back..

"Really? Did you know statistically 40 - 50 % of marriages end in divorce?"

"I've fallen in love with the person I'll spend the rest of my life sleeping"

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Although I can see your logic is offering support to our OP .. I feel compelled to comment.

Statistics show a large percental of marriages end in divorce .. yep .. that is true .. but .. There is a very interesting reason why those statistics rate so high in this day and age. It's not because of 'marriage' per se .. Simply put .. It's most often because of the misconception that love is all ya'need.

In these modern times, so many young couples jump into marriage because they think love with conquer all. They shortcut without doing their 'homework' (so to speak) first. A marriage is very much like a building and like any structure .. There is a very distinct foundation of 'building blocks' that needs to be layed BEFORE the rest of the structure can even begin to be constructed in order to aquire a strong and tenacious end result. Without a strong foundation the structure will collapse.

All too often, they fail to get to know each other on a level of making an informed decision about each other and how compatible they are as individuals as well as a couple.

Sometimes, they even already know there are irreconcillable differences yet still enter into marriage, thinking it will all work out. Doing so only lays heavily on those statistics you mentioned earlier.
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Yeah i just get irritated when people say that
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Hang glider pilots spend a lot of time waiting for the right winds so that they can fly -- but they all agree that they'd rather be sitting on the hill wishing they were flying than to be flying in violent winds and wishing they were sitting on the hill.

Relationships are like that. It's a whole lot better to be single and happy than to be tied to an unhappy relationship.

Forget about all those well-intentioned people who want you to be "as happy as them". You owe them no explanations and no justification for your preferences. Just tell 'em to butt out.

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Given your age, I am really surprised that anyone is suggesting that at your age you would be happier in a relationship rather than you would be by being single. 

You may or may not be, but I would never presume to suggest that you seek a relationship with someone.  Heck, your brain isn't even fully developed yet.

At any rate, just tell them while you consider a relationship to be possible and / or even probable in the future, at the moment you prefer to not undertake the responsibilties required to build and maintain a relationship with another person.

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Wait, Wait .. What?

Why in the world would you think you have to ``prove`` anything to anyone in terms of what makes YOU happy.  If you haven`t heard it before .. Let me be the first to tell ya .. YOU DON``T! 

You don`t have prove to anyone or justify your choices to anyone when it comes what makes you happy or how you choose to live your life.  If you choose to be single, do so.  If you choose to leave your options open, so if someone comes along that may plausibly `fit`you .. Then do so.  No one can dictate to you what is good for you .. ONLY you can do that.

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Michael Poland
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It is so goooood to have you here.
You are a light in the darkness.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Well, thank you for your compliments .. but, it really is only a matter of just common sense and .. perhaps a little affirmation of what (I am pretty sure) our OP already knows...and just needs to hear. WE can all get beat down a little bit by those 'others' that think they know best and that what works for them, works for everyone. Truth is .. life is just not that simple. We all have to find our way .. and makes choices about the path we take. Sometimes a little morale support helps us to gain traction. At least I am hoping so, as in this case.
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