Can the existence of an intelligent designer be proved by language, and Math, since these can only come from a mind?

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No, it cannot. These things only prove man can use his intellect to formulate methods to calculate and to communicate with each other. This does not suggest origins of human intelligence, but represents the product(s) of applying our intelligence. 

Put more simply, does bacon prove pigs (or butchers) were made by a designer, or that a designer exists? 

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Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
Yes. (In very Boolean terms).
Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
You do not need to "see" pi, in the same way that you cannot see the wavelength of elementary particles (or even necessarily understand why a particle is sometimes also a wave.) It just is that way.........
mary adam
mary adam commented
But light can be seen, how do I see math?
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If that were true ... We would all speak the same language and have the same alphabet.  But the Cryllic alphabet looks nothing like the Latin alphabet ... And neither look anything like Arabic or Asian alphabets.

btw - The Pope just said that "intelligent design" and "creationism" are fallacies.

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Walt O'Reagun
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There is NO evidence of "intelligent design". If you doubt it - present your evidence to a scientific, peer-reviewed publication. Every atheist would instantly convert to any religion following such a PROVEN belief.
mary adam
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So is math objective or subjective?
mary adam
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I am not asking you to convert to a religion, or even believe in a God.
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Ray Dart answered

Er.. No. And why would you think that?

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Your getting very close here.

Intelligent Designers.

Need proof do you?

Just look around.

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mary adam
mary adam commented
So Charles you believe that Math exists in the world, not just subject to man's mind? You believe Math is objective, not subjective?
Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
Math can be either, depending on how it is being used. twisting numbers to fit is subjective, to use it with the right formula it's objective.
mary adam
mary adam commented
So math is in the world?

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