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Its national chocolate caramel day. National certified nurses day. And lets laugh day. So who made u laugh today??😛😛😛😛😛

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My husband makes me laugh every day. After listening to him complain for years about every ache and pain while he sleeps I've dubbed him "princess" because he must be so delicate he can feel the pea that he slept on. Today he shoved an empty light bulb package down my shirt and I retaliated by hiding it in his pillows. He napped and woke up complaining about his neck hurting. He found the package and I've been finding said package hidden in strange places all day.

Earlier he kept setting off our alarm in the backyard. I told him that his chest is getting so large that he needs to buy a bra to stop setting off the alarm. Unbeknownst to me,  I yelled it when he had the front door open and our neighbors were on the front lawn. He had to go outside and mow the front yard. He was giggling so hard that twice he came inside, red faced, collapsing on the couch unable to finish because the neighbors would not stop staring. He swears they were staring at his chest.

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Mountain Man answered

It's a good day today Otis. I also got a laugh from Dragonfly's answer.

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Tiger Paws answered

A great day.. I like caramel ( not so much with chocolate).  Dragonfly made me laugh also. Nurses are just great everyday!

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Janis Haskell answered

What a wonderful day!  All things I really love, especially the laughter.  My aunt sent me an email that made me laugh, so I'm off to a good start. :)

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Tom Jackson answered

Never did like caramel---when I was a child, it always felt like it was trying to pull my teeth out when I chewed.

Thumbs up for certified nurses.

Actually, I made myself laugh first today.  My wife started talking when I was halfway down the stairs and she was walking by the bottom of the stairs and talking to the dog.

I though she was talking to me.  So I started to say with a straight face, "please use her name in the first word of he sentence when you are addressing her so I know whom you are talking to."

But as it came out, it sounded as patently ridiculous as I intended it to be; and I started laughing before I could finish the sentence.

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Pepper pot answered

I have a problem where I often say words or phrases and my brain switches it back to front.

I was out in my garden de-weeding and picking snails and slugs off the flower bed, I turned to my partner and said "I need some sl ut pellets to kill these sl ags." He looked at me in shock and burst out laughing.

After this I couldn't stop calling the slugs, and snails, sluuts or sl ags until, it actually sounded right in my mind.

A few days later I was out the front dumping some slugs and snails into the communal bush, which I'd taken from my garden, when the postman turned up. He said "Hello," and asked me what I was doing. I replied "My garden has lots of slu ts and sl ags.."

Still, I have no idea what my postman thinks of me, a few years back when I was single I received a "POSTCARD" and it read..

"Hi Pepper, Hows you?

Do you still fancy Postman?

I hope you are well,

all our love


Of course having spotted the Peppa Pig stamp in the corner I knew it was my cousin playing a practical joke.

Loved dragonflys story, I pictured every word and had a real good laugh.

I'm grateful for the nurses, and I like chocolate caramel.

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