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What are your thoughts on North Korea? I see serious trouble coming.

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Ancient One answered

To put it bluntly you have two kids on the playground each claiming the other is the guilty party. Unfortunately if North Korea actually does something or the US decides to have a pre-emptive strike, in the end the carnage, in my opinion, will will surmount that of WWI and WWII combined. The death of US troops and their dependents, who are all within the suspected target range, will be beyond comprehension. All that without the US proper, upper 48, being hit.  Wars have been started with less provocation.

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I'm hoping that it won't come to war, but to prevent it, I think the little fat boy is going to have to be taken out. I'd be happy to pay for the sniper rifle and the bullet.

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North Korea is unpredictable and erratic. Our president is unpredictable and erratic. It's not a good set of leadership right now if we want to avoid war. I hope it doesn't come to that, but at the same time, North Korea needs a "regime change" more than many of the other nations we've forced a regime change on. I hope they can get it, preferably without American intervention. But if it comes to that, then so be it.

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I think it is being ruled by a child that never learned to think about anyone but himself. Unfortunately, we are in the same boat. The upside to our government, it our president can be removed. Not easily so, but it can be done. The only way to remove North Korea's leader is by death.

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I'm worried. Canada is posed in the direct fall out of both missiles. Not only that Canada allows port to USA ships carrying missiles.

All it would take is one little Oops in our ports. The fall out of course is like a snake eating its own tail.

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Okay I am gonna say it.... I personally think it is about time we had a president with the balls to stick up for this country and not lay down like a scared little puppy "scratch my belly bull crap" like the presidents in the past. I feel safer now then I did with the previous president in charge.

I will not respond to any negative comments about my opinion. Sorry.

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Danae Hitch
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Nothing wrong with speaking your mind, Yin. :)
Yin and Yang
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Thank you my friend. I stay away from certain subjects but always respect the opinions of others. 😊 This one I chose to chime in on.
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I think China may take care of things and force a regime change in North Korea. They have warned him, and I don't think China will put up with Un starting a possible nuclear war, when the fall out from any strikes will be carried to China..

I also hope the USA will have the sense Not to use nukes. But just strike back with conventional weapons.

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Ancient One
Ancient One commented
In a preemptive strick at this point conventional weapons would be used I believe. The US has enought non-nuclear fire power to wipe out his bunker and all the land within a few hundred miles with ease and no nukes.
Maurice Korvo
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If Kim uses nukes, and the US retaliates with nukes, the fallout goes directly into China, and China retaliates against the US, and Russia joins in, and that's the end of everything. You must remember North Korea and China are allies. Let China and Russia take care of Kim, or just retaliate with conventional firepower.
Don Barzini
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I for one would be OK with China and/or Russia dealing with Kim. Let them clean up their own backyard.
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Kim Jong Un has been rattling his sabre for years. He believes his nuclear program gives his regime legitimacy in the world, he wants to flex like the big boys, so he spouts off at the biggest bully on the block. Meanwhile the vast majority of his subjects languish in ignorance, poverty and starvation. All would soon face a grim fate if the regime fell. I think I see people overestimating their chances.

For all the endless bluster that comes out of NK, I'm sure even Fatboy Kim is aware that his regime would quickly come to an end if he used his nukes on any US territory or ally. The threat is mainly to South Korea, who very frankly, should be worried. 

Is there anyone who DOESN'T think the US would obliterate North Korea if they launched nuclear weapons at us? With Trump in the WH? C'mon. 

Think about it, NK has roughly 1.2 million men in its army, not one with combat experience. Not one. They are completely surrounded and boxed in geographically. A shooting gallery. They have zero capability to deploy their forces off their peninsula. Near-zero air power. Their entire inventory of conventional warmaking equipment is outdated hand-me-downs from other countries, mostly old Chinese gear.

I would remind my fellow Americans, we put down the world's 4th largest standing army --Iraq, who were better equipped-- in six weeks, on their home field, 25 years ago, without nukes. 

Does anyone still think there is a scenario that NK will fare any better?

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Don Barzini
Don Barzini commented
Yin, your rant about a "president with the balls" is, in my view, well taken.

All these years of listening to threats and bombast from little Kim being blown off by past administrations has emboldened him even more and created (IMO) unjustified public anxiety about his capabilities.

It's past time someone in leadership here stepped outside the failing rhetoric of the diplomats and blasted back. Diplomacy has so far accomplished nothing to halt Kim's ambitions.

I give Trump some credit here.
Yin and Yang
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You know my friend.... I really enjoy your friendship. Your words make a lot of since. I appreciate them so much. ☺
Don Barzini
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My pleasure.
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NK borders both Russia and China.

I highly doubt either of them are not aware of every little move NK makes with its missiles. 

The first sign NK will launch anything other than a test ... Either or both Russia and China will stop it with a military strike.  For no other reason than India and Pakistan both have nukes, as well as us.

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Wesley Crusher answered

Trump, the most well respected and dignified man, the embodiment of intelligence and class will keep us safe. I'm sure of it. Just wait until 3am for his daily Tweet to bring order to the people.

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