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What's your best home organization idea that you use?


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Organize your closet by type of clothing and then by color. It saves time digging through the whole closet when looking for a shirt of a certain color. It is much easier to go through half a dozen in one small area, then go through the whole closet.

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I love that. Did that. Works so well.
I have an array of clothing colours so I also put ex: red clothing on red hangars, white clothing on white hangars. Colours grouped together. Saves so much time.
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I'm afraid organization isn't my forte ... I'm a bit of a muddler.

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I have a tendency to be a pack rat. So this one came in handy dandy for me... As my babies grow I realized I couldn't keep every single momento of their childhood. Same went with the deaths of my sister's. I would have kept everything. So I allowed myself a special tote. I have a tote for each of my kids, my wedding and both of my sisters. I am allowed to put what ever I want in the tote. If I come across an item I must have in my tote I have to decide if it fits or do I have to exchange it out. It gives me a perspective on what is really sentimental to me and not just a fear of losing that era of my life again. Also the totes stack, are dust and element proof, all the same size and color.

EDIT: I forgot to add... PICTURES ARE NOT PART OF THE TOTE. I won't give up my pictures. Pictures are very important to me and cherished a different way. 

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Tom  Jackson
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Good idea---and it makes you decide at the moment when you consider whether to add a new item.
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Great idea. Also photographing the items that you deemed not worthy of keeping is a good way to keep them as a memory. Easier to store a photo than the item.
Yin And Yang
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You are both correct. 🤗
RefreshMe, I do that often. Especially with items like science fair project's. I know I can't keep them or store them but I want my kids to feel special and like their hard work wasn't just getting thrown away. Lol! And I always make sure they are in the picture so it's not just a picture of bean plants! 😅😉
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You can check out Alejandra Costello’s videos for some tips
and tricks. I am not a fan of organising my house; it is usually messy. I am
currently trying to clear up some rooms as the festive season is approaching.
To feel motivated while cleaning, I play some music from this site:
You may check it out as well. Here is a link to Alejandra’s channel so you can
have a look: . I hope it is helpful to you. 

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