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What is an opinion or belief you would judge someone for having?

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Yes the crappy piece of $hit low life wanna be "human" individuals who believe pedophilia is normal and should be accepted by the rest of us! They want us to accept that they think the little five year old girl next door is mature for her age and wearing her tiny cotton underwear on purpose just for them! H3ll NO! F**K them! Throw their perverted a$$es in prison with the general population, have the officers turn their heads for an hour and let the lifers take out the trash for the rest of us!  I will NEVER accept that a child is acceptable for sexually perverted deviants! NEVER!

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Any claims/beliefs that the earth is flat; the moon landing was faked; Elvis isn’t dead; climate science is a conspiracy; a woman was created from a rib; vaccines cause autism; Scientology isn’t a scam; Trump is a stand-up guy.

Consider yourself judged. 

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People who have a blanket hate for particle group of people.  To me that is the most ignorant thing anyone can do.

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I would judge someone,  who says mental illness is fake . Nope trust me being mentally ill and having a lower IQ is not a made up thing. It's chemical imbalance of the brain . Only medications, therapy , making changes in diet can help mental illness. They claim people born in late Winter months have tendency to develop mental illnesses well i was born on Feb 9th . So you can consider Feb close the later part of Winter cause Spring usually begins March -April.

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Mental illness can happen to anyone born anytime of year.
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Look up what they say about persons born late Winter. They are more prone to developing Schizo-effective disorders and that is me. Sure people can get mental illness anytime of the year but check it out . No one knows what the suffering one goes for and it's hell , i mean pure hell. I live in Pennsylvania , not in the glorious land of Florida where people have it very lucky :):) Peace Out i rest my case !!!

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