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Strange but real question please. Will the dish washer still disinfect your dishes if the water doesn't get hot from the sink very well?


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In California I use to wash the dishes using extremely hot water. My hands were use to the heat. In Arizona it's a different kind of water system and to me the water doesn't get hot sometimes. So now that i am paranoid of germs, will the dish washer still kill the germs if the sink water doesn't feel hot to me?

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It would not break up grease as effectively. Don’t they have household water heaters in Ariz?
We have solar water heaters in in Florida, mounted on rooftops. That water gets hot AF.
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I would suggest you look up the owner's manual for the type of water heating system you have. There might be a way to turn the heat up on the water. Also, it happened to me when I moved to AZ for a short time, the previous owners turned off all appliances and supporting utilities before they left (it was the custom back then). If you turn your faucet on and let the water run for awhile and the water doesn't get as hot as you want your problem may be the water heater.
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I will look into that. Thank you dearly my friends. 🤗
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You would be better off with really hot water to help disinfect dishes. They recommend running hot water through the faucet first to get the cold water out of the pipes.

I'm not sure about solar or tankless water heaters, but on most tank water heaters the temperature can be set.  The tank heaters are usually set at 140 F from the factory.  The Department of Energy recommends 120 F.

If you have a tank water heater, sediment could be keeping your heating elements from doing their job. I drain and flush my water heater about every 6 months. But I have a well. It wouldn't need it that much for city water.  Elements can also go bad and the water would not get as hot as it should.

The easiest way to check and change your temperature would be to see which kind of water heater you have and do a YouTube search. They have videos for just about everything.

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I think most dishwashers have their own heating element. If you don't have the manual to your dishwasher, you can look it up online. The make and model number should be along the door. I have a sanitize setting on my dishwasher and I know my water heater does not get hot enough for that.

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These sites have great information that should answer most (if not all) of your questions about dishwashers and sanitation.


(There is a video that plays within the site--"linger" long enough to read the banners that it shows, then go on (or just come back to it later.)



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Hello Yin , I often wondered if the hot water from the Dish Washer disinfected the dishes . I am sorry but i got a sixth sense about Dish Washers . I do all my dishes by hand and let the scolding water disinfect the dishes.  Best wishes on this matter :)

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