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Enough with the pleasantries, what are your hard thoughts on this worldwide catastrophe that is on all of our minds?


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im so sick of it is it just me? Or do others feel like there going crazy?

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I'd be worried if Trump was in charge over here (well, more worried, I'm not sure that Boris Johnson is all that, either, but he does SOUND better.)  

I am (like most) self-isolating, but I have had offers of help from complete strangers (that of course may or may not be a good thing). 

On the other hand, the shops have sold out of all sorts of things as people have gone panic buying, burglars are taking advantage of closed shops, pubs and restaurants (but they appear to be leaving domestic premises alone (almost all have people living in them 24/7)).

 I suspect that the world has changed forever, I cannot believe that people will go back to offices to work in large numbers, I cannot believe that much international travel will restart.

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Call me Z
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Much will inevitably change, Ray. I think working from home will become more of the rule than exception.
I also think many will more seriously examine whom they vote for.
I wonder how we’ll overcome social distancing once this crisis passes.
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I wish people would stay put and stay away from others. Florida now has check points on roads leading into the state. They are letting everyone in, but people from hotspots have to put in a health department database and self quarantine for 14 days. It is my understanding they are greeting people coming off planes the same way.

I am fearful for my mom. She is 79 and takes chemo daily. This virus could easily kill her.  I  call her everyday but I can't go see her and give her a hug. I have finally convinced her not to go to the grocery store. I told her to make a list and I will go for her.

I also think South Korea has a better protocol than anyone else. They have the highest number of confirmed cases, but they tested more and did so quickly. They also have a lower death toll.  

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It's obviously a serious situation, but I'm mostly saddened by the public's irrational response.  Depleting the supplies at stores is just crazy.  Common sense would be refreshing.

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I'm not really sure what to think Z. I'm still trying to process how life got turned upside down so quickly.

I wish people would do as they are told and stay home. You can't outrun it. This whole mess isn't pleasant for anyone.

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Call me Z
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One thing I think we can all be sure of, MM: it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.
I worry what transpires as this drags out over the coming weeks and (hopefully not) months. We think people are getting restless now...
Mountain  Man
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Yeah it's gonna get uglier. Stay safe Z.
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My thoughts........Normally I do not comment on certain subjects however in this case I had to.

There is nothing we can do to correct the past. Fools continue to ignore medical warnings and common sense then complain because their family member passes. My biggest concern and worry is the future. This will eventually "pardon the pun" die down and stop at least for awhile. If fools continue to dictate what they think is good for us then it may start up yet again. Man, the public will reach a point where frustration and anxiety coupled with mob mentality could lead to chaos and rioting. I have seen much less situations causing mass protests and roving mobs in other countries. The US, not since the Spanish Flu, has ever suffered such a crisis. What has exacerbated the situation has been a divided country stemming from poor leadership and planning. I pray to God for his mercy.

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F.U.B.A.R.  Never seen such a mess in my life. People not staying in, grocery stores hoarding their products, politicians still bickering during a time of crisis. What a mess!

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In the 52 years i have lived , i have never seen anything like it in my life it makes me wonder whose responsible for this mess ?  No one is going tell me that this didn't happen in China cause it did and the nut bags traveled to the United States and many other Countries to spread it,  my cousin works in Nursing and she said , No one would want see what she sees everyday it is horrible , what worries her is that she has Children age 13 , 7 , 1 year old ,  the babies daycare is shutdown so her Boyfriend is taking care of him and the older ones can pretty much take care of themselves . Lets just hope there will be a new beginning with this outbreak 👍

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