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I live in a high desert at 8,000 feet in elevation.  Our humidity level is around 12% on average.  We dont experience the hundred plus temps, more than likely in mid summer we get a short string of 90 degree days.  Here you have to stay hydrated, due to elevation our hearts beet faster to … Read more

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At midday the temperature may be a scorching 125 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit (52° to 54° C.), at which time visitors swelter. At night the mercury may plummet to a bone-chilling 40 degrees (4° C.) or less, at which time they may freeze. If dressed in layers of wool clothing, they will stay cooler; scantily … Read more

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You must be a teenager who doesnt care. When you start paying for phones and jackets then u will not lose them

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Are you personally having to replace all these lost items?  If you are you have more money than sense. If not then you don't really care.

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Have a spot specifically for your stuff you need by the door. That way then as you think of them you can place them there and when you go to leave you won't overlook them. ☺