Yin and Yang
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Most people know something is not right. But it takes a doctor to diagnose mental illness. However there are mental issues out there. Most people have a mental issue of some sort. For instance right now, this pervert Harvey Weinstein. Knowing what he did to these young girls has me messed up in the head … Read more

Ken Kaneki
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Actually you're more intelligent than other human beings if you ask me, sympathy for others is just an obstacle and in today's world altruistic people are mostly used by others. Keep it up! I feel you bro!

Tom  Jackson
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I searched with the phrase  why people cut themselves  and I got a lot of good links.

I read through a few and this one looks like it might help you---


If not, try the same search I did and look through the links.

Hang in there.

PJ Stein
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Unless you learn tp deal with what is driving you to cut, you will keep doing it. You need counselingand you will need to use the coping mechanisms they teach you.

PJ Stein
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No, the opposite happens. Then tend to have a higher rate of allergies. Here is a link that helps explain it.