Hugo Pinkman
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I am not an expert, but I would say memory foam is the best option. Yes, as been mentioned above, they are rather expensive, but it is not bad investment in your health. Moreover, they're rather durable and can serve 10-20 years easily, at least most of manufacturers provide with 10-20 years of official warranty, … Read more

Call me Z
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You more than likely take some things too seriously. Don’t waste your time fussing over things you can’t change.

Find another outlet for your energies, something constructive, something you enjoy.

You could pawn your concerns off onto a divine figure of your choosing, it may help shed the dead weight of persistently negative thoughts. We … Read more

Joyce Hall
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I have a worry problem. I also believe in Jesus with all I have.

Have u ever heard 'The Lord helps those that help themselves'?

Its true Jesus can and does help some for a reason we don't know. He is allowed to keep that to Himself.

Ok. Constant worrying can b part of anxiety. It is for … Read more

star gazing
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1) yes, buy new underwear to start with.

2) sounds like it might be a behind-problem, and there’s stick-on pads for that so you don’t get anything on your underwear. You just toss them every few hours, put a new one on.

3) if it’s not that, get a bidet attachment so you can clean yourself … Read more

PJ Stein
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We can't tell you if it is broken or not. What I can tell you if it is broken,  they would do the exact same thing you are doing. So the only thing getting an x-ray will accomplish is you will have a medical bill on top of what you are doing.

Walt O'Reagun
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Tom Jackson could be correct.

Or it could be that you don't wipe enough, after "doing #2".

It could also be that you have a problem with body odor, and need "clinical strength" deodorant / antiperspirant.