Ken Kaneki
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Actually you're more intelligent than other human beings if you ask me, sympathy for others is just an obstacle and in today's world altruistic people are mostly used by others. Keep it up! I feel you bro!

Tom  Jackson
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I searched with the phrase  why people cut themselves  and I got a lot of good links.

I read through a few and this one looks like it might help you---

If not, try the same search I did and look through the links.

Hang in there.

PJ Stein
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Unless you learn tp deal with what is driving you to cut, you will keep doing it. You need counselingand you will need to use the coping mechanisms they teach you.

PJ Stein
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No, the opposite happens. Then tend to have a higher rate of allergies. Here is a link that helps explain it.

Firstname Refreshme lastname
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At work I have uplifting conversations with a young man. Always so happy and quite the young gentleman. We look forward to our conversations. He's wonderful !

PJ Stein
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My mom has a first cousin. My great-aunt was a school teacher and later a principle. She knew since she had her daughter late in life she wouldn't always be there for her daughter. Many people would send their children to homes back then. She refused. She taught her daughter and then she helped develop … Read more

Ancient Hippy
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I watched a friend's downs daughter grow up and see what a wonderful person she has become. She's in her 40's now and totally independent. She's the first one to give me a hug when I see her at a picnic or party.

Jeremy Fink
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No one in my family has Down Syndrome. In my younger years I volunteered/coached for the local Special Olympics. When my children are older and I have the time I will volunteer again. I had fun and learned more from them than they did from me.

star gazing
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No. Once I slept 16 hours on a weekend because I didn't have an alarm, and my family left grocery shopping. Woke up with a dry throat, and head hurt from hunger. Never again...hopefully. 

And the other day I slept 3-4 hours and got up feeling okay. I used an alarm clock adjusted to my … Read more