Payne Butler
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If you need the services of a hacker to confirm your partner’s cheating suspicions I can only assure you of one hacker because he personally helped me catch my cheating husband by hacking into his cellphone without touching it. I got all my husband’s messages directly on my phone including phone calls and ambient recording, … Read more

Carlos  Marino
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We have dreams to help us cope with life; they are an essential part of our body’s coping mechanism for survival. There is scientific proof, that when people are prevented from dreaming over a prolonged period, they go insane.

There are many types of dream, too many to go into detail here about; but I … Read more

Alina Mastani
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i had several dreams who DID happen ,some sooner some later ,one of those dreams happend 2 years later and one them happend about 3 months later. So what one person here can be considered as true ,though that only happens to a few dreams youll ever have. So its not like every dream is … Read more

Darik Majoren
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I've had a few epic adventures, but mostly vignettes. All are mostly good, and I have even had some that happened later on in my life almost exactly as I dreamed them.

Thank you brain for giving me BEST the shows I have ever witnessed, and for making me the star in all of them!

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Mine are fragmented and usually weird. They are in color and in sound usually are very vivid.

Had a reoccuring dream twice this week where I'm shopping in a thift store and come across a pasta roller machine but I put it back down because it lacked the cranking arm.

I'm told dreams are a way of … Read more

Walt O'Reagun
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Dreams have NO predictive capabilities.

They are merely your subconscious uploading data to your conscious mind.  You may not have consciously noticed the guy before, but your subconscious mind takes in far more detail than your conscious does.  So he was around, but you didn't notice him.