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Thanks for the info, I didn't know that such organizations exist, I used to think that it is parents' duty to buy school supplies for kids, at least I do it every day. Dear son goes to fifth grade this year, and I already checked this list of necessary goods https://www.myschoolsupplylists.com/5th-grade-school-supply-list-2/Read more

PJ Stein
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Your question asks about balance, which has lead me to interpret that they are separate issues. Truth is the companies that treat their employees well are they ones known for the best customer service. If you treat your employees well, they will do well.

Publix is a grocery store chain based in Florida, but has … Read more

Call me Z
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As a former entrepreneur, I can relate some accumulated wisdom here:

It cannot be emphasized enough how critical it is to hire/retain the right people. In a restaurant setting --per your Q--, site cleanliness and inventory control are also paramount. This falls to management, be it you the owner or your mid-managers, their failures or successes … Read more

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First and foremost I would not do it for profit. I would already be filthy rich. I would be happy with breaking even, and I'd strive for that. The customers would always be right and get what they wanted. My upper level staff would be part owners. All employees would be paid very well, and … Read more

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Human Resource Management is very much important in every organization. The Human Resource Management is one that maintains the excellent relationship of the employees with the employers in the organization. The main objects are clearly trained in human resource management studies. You can join the ITM Institute for Human Resource Management course where you will … Read more

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I've never really encountered extremely bad management after graduating college and getting a real job. Most of the companies I've jump around are pretty socially liberal. So the environment is very relaxed. You don't have a set time to "punch in" because being an adult means you understand responsibility. Can't say the same about the … Read more

Firstname Refreshme lastname
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I haven't used this with supervisors or as I like to call them...stupidvisors. Never had the need. The thing is to try to keep things as positive as possible. Listen to them, repeat what they said in your own words to show that you have acknowledged them. Attitude and a willingness to excel in your … Read more

Call me Z
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The most immediate idea is to seek a transfer, a different shift, or a new job. Another would be to rise above them, but that isn't likely in most jobs. 

If these are not options, do what you know is right and give them no fuel to "eff" with you. Press forward.

Of course you could … Read more