Carlos  Marino
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Apple picking relates to the work we do in life, whatever that is. Apple picking is also done in the fall and is a symbol for the coming upon the last stages of life for a person. He is done with apple picking, almost done with his career, with life. His laddar points toward heaven. … Read more

Yin And Yang
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It was a dark and stormy night. Nothing could be seen except for little twinkles from rain drops, coming down at an angle from the glow of the moon. This Cheshire cat moon was reflecting off of a hidden lake. You could hear wild life scurrying in the distance desperate to find shelter. Other noises … Read more

Danae Hitch
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It's amazing what you can accomplish by actually doing your own homework! Run through it once and then read through it a 2nd time, taking notes as you go.  You'll have the summary you need and will have the ability to answer questions from the teacher as you will have done the work yourself. Relying … Read more

Didge Doo
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There are a number of lines in that particular poem that have a line to themselves. Personally I wouldn't refer to them as lines but as layout or format. (That's an uneducated comment. Poetry ain't my strong point.)

However, some standard poems using standard metric foot can accomplish a whole line in a single word.

The … Read more

Ray Dart
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Simile is where a comparison between two things is made for effect. "He was as tough as teak."

"She was as pretty as a picture" (although that depends on the picture I guess).

Solitary Reaper is written in very flowery language anyway (and I'm surprised you have been asked to analyse it - such stuff was considered … Read more