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Love is an emotion which humans based on it. Love is a very strong feeling which comes from the deepest unreachable part of a human. Love is a natural instinct within each human. It can gives people a purpose. And love is strong enough to make miracles to be visible. Love is able to make … Read more

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Yes you can call it a crush.  It's VERY unlikely he will ever be yours, though.  Thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people crush on famous people at any given time.  They can not belong to everyone can they?  Besides most already have girlfriends/boyfriends or are married or both.  

Obsessed fans who try to have … Read more

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I would find a place of interest and then study up on the area and the history of that area. This way, you can create a plan of what attractions or landmarks you wish to see and, of course, create a financial plan based on that. You always want to get the most out of … Read more