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Simple.... Everyone around the world would let there egos go and enjoy the day party hard and would have a bash of a lifetime worth remembering for. Now that is how everyone would want to celebrate New Years eve.


Bored, Jobless and b*tch about how bad the day was ! Lol

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I read that snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), in which the closure of the throat temporarily prevents a sleeper from sucking air into his lungs. Initial steps in treating OSAS include weight loss, avoidance of alcoholic beverages, and avoidance of muscle-relaxant drugs.

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Although I'm in line with all the above comments, I as well snor on my back, but on my side, I do not, as Didgy mentions. There are times that I wake up with my sinuses hurting because I slept on my back. But as others have stated it may be an underlying problem.

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Maybe one of these seven ideas from WebMd might do the trick. Very well trusted site. You also might see your Doctor and get some ideas to help !

7 Easy Snoring Remedies: How to Stop Snoring - WebMD