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Wow! There have been some great answers already.

Think of it this way. Life is neither fair nor unfair. It's just a series of semi-random events. In a sense it's like a game of cards. Anybody can play the good cards well but success in the game of life depends on how well you play the … Read more

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Because "life" is far too complex to be anything but unpredictable. Life is comprised of many things ranging from pure elation to utter devastation. That's it beauty .. That's its demise.. Ying and yang .. Constantly has us searching for a sense of balance.

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Fair? Who'd want that?

If life were fair, we'd all have the same, live the same, BE the same. Nothing would be special, nothing would be original. There would be no heroes, no role models, no character, no excellence. What would we strive for? 

Imagine the monotony.

How many have ever stood up to object aloud … Read more

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Dear Purple Haze,

We are by our very nature, creatures of perfection: Perfect love, perfect freedom, justice, beauty; and we are born into a world which is, well...not...

The futile search for happiness here in the world of time and space pushes us to look toward the perfection within ourselves rather than investing in a chase after … Read more

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It depends on what you see for your future. If you will be dealing with people a basic psychology is always a good thing to have. If you see problem solving in your future, then philosophy will help you learn to think of things in different ways.  As for English literature, really unless you are … Read more

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It's just a part of your education and life in general.  Not many of us like to speak in front of groups of people.  But when you're in school, you have to do your assignments which are geared to help you .. Not hurt you.  We're not going to give you ways to avoid your … Read more