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Start with some Classes and Practice, Practice, Practice! Some ppl have a Natural talent that just needs to be built up and worked on. If you already have a Natural Talent then you can work on other things. If you are not Naturally talented then you will need to start with the Basics!

I can teach … Read more

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Different dog breeds DO eat specific kinds of foods but also dogs within the same breed may eat different kinds of foods depending on their specific dietary needs. Ask your dog's veterinarian what types of foods are healthy for your dog because allergies and diets can vary for all kinds of dogs. If your dog … Read more

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Since we don't know your situation, there isn't really much we can do to help. Do you have a valid reason for this request? Is there someone who is going to be home to supervise your schooling? You have to look at what it will involve for that to happen and how it will effect … Read more

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Your parents would want your good. Make sure you already know about the cons and pros. Sometimes you might seem certain about a purpose you have. But the fact is you know nothing but your parents been there and seen more than you ever can count. So you might want to listen to them more … Read more

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Don't fret too much about it. Some people are just natural born worriers .. Its kind of an obsessive behavior. You may not be able to stop it completely because simply put, that's just how your brain works. However, what you can do is find ways of diverting your thoughts away from obsessing about things. … Read more

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I home school my 8th grader. I have been home schooling her since 6th grade. As a mom it is one of the best things I have done for her. Instead of dealing with the crap of public schools, she is at home in peace and gets straight A's, is on the deans list, gets … Read more

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Say, as you smile, "I had to handle my business".

If asked again say "I had to handle my business", keep smiling. Walk away.

When asked again smile and say, "I had to handle my business. Keep walking and keep smiling.

It's your business. Keep it to yourself.