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I'm so sorry! I did not mean to come across as a troll. I just feel bad for him because he lost his life, and I hope is family is doing well, because what they went though is unimaginable!
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Hold the phone. What? 

I've lived in Florida for over twenty five years, I can assure you it doesn't rain here "all the time" at ANY time of year. We often go many days with nary a cloud, particularly in summer.

To the point of your question, people are fleeing the lousy weather, crappy roads, congested … Read more

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I believe what you are refering to are the semi-common but brief cloydbursts that iccure in some areas due to the tropical/coastal climate.  It obviously doesnt occure everywhere in Florida or every day.  If it did it would be more like Oregon and i am pretty sure it is not.  Oregon has far more rainy … Read more