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The thing is at 24 he is (or at least should be ) a man.  It's not hard to see, especially under the circumstances, how you'd develop feelings for him.  It would be so wrong if he reciprocated. 

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I'm not too sure how prepared you are for a relationship if you consider a 24-yr old, a boy. Thing is, these actions go two ways, it might be an important point to find out his feelings about you.

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your problem is you spend to much time in your head you have to go out distract yourself meet people volunteer keep yourself so busy you wont have time to think about yourself that is the solution for you beleive me it will help

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If you lived in my body for a day, you'd be thankful to have yours back!! and im not just saying that (you try being 26 and having worse arthritis than a 90 year old, who spent the past 2 years in a wheelchair and physio so i could at least walk again- full time … Read more

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You could use the help of a psychiatrist who is aware of the various reasons that can influence a person to self-harm.  (Normally, getting attention has nothing to do with it.)

Information can be power.  Here's more on self harm:

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Nova, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, the world is full of people who will put you down. They're sad little people who would be better turning an eye to their own faults which may be far greater than any fault they perceive in you. Don't empower them by worrying about … Read more

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This is gonna sound harsh but it is the truth and I don't know any other way of putting it except straight to the point. So please forgive me ahead of time if it comes across as rough. The things you just ask comes with growing up and maturity. It will come to you as … Read more

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Have you ever bought a chair?

You try different chairs, some make you feel irritating, some hard, some too soft & so on. Finally, you have a chair on which you feel comfortable & you buy it.

Selecting a partner is same, you have to wait for the best one, till then keep trying.

About Friends - … Read more

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Step 1 is accepting yourself.

Step 2 is forgiving yourself.

Step 3 is improving yourself.

The next one is a little cheesy. But I highly suggest reading this book

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I doubt if everyone knows you in order to hate you. Try and build a relationship up with yourself, go to new places and try new things. You could try voluntary work at a animal shelter, or such. You are only 17 so plan for how you want your life to be, then when you … Read more

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I was like you in your age, this story is so relatable to me, thank you for asking.

Proudly to say, these haters who made the person I am right now. I dated the hottest girl in school, all the teachers loved me, and I was great in almost every subject. My gang excluded me coz … Read more