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If she has a cute face Lucy or Suzie. If she has a grouchy face, Bertha. Lol

A few months ago I adopted a cat, she's black with one white spot under her neck.  Her name was Black Velvet but I renamed her Lucy Lou. She's the sweetest, most loveable little thing now!

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I would think someone was kind enough to think that I would want to join the celebration...and I would appreciate just being included.

  Showers (whether it be a bridal shower or baby shower is irrelevant) .. It's a gathering of support in honour of an event.

I think it's a great idea to throw an … Read more

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If this is her fourth child, she already knows what she's going to need. It is a little crass to have everyone go Dutch at a diner. That's the weird part. She could have had this at her home, provided lemonade, water and cookies. On the invite, she could have put - Mama needs diapers … Read more