Dark Majinn
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It means you subconsciously miss your relationship with that person, and guess who gets to rule over the majority of your dream state? . . . Your subconscious, so of course things you keep tucked down deep will surface during  your dream state.

Aria Broeka
Aria Broeka answered Anonymous' question

Nothing.  Dreams are totally random access of stored memory in your subconcious played like a movie in your unconscious imagination.  Totally.  Random.  Things from years ago can pop up in a dream often for no reason.  It doesnt mean anything. 

Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered

A simple Internet search yielded me this information:

Lyda D. Newman was an American inventor. She invented a hairbrush that could be taken apart easily for cleaning. She was granted U.S. Patent 614,335 on November 15, 1898. Newman lived and worked in Manhattan in New York City. The hairbrush she invented is described in her patent … Read more

Abigail Connor
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Bad dreams are uncommon for me, but one that sticks with me:

I was standing in my bedroom looking out the window that faces the main road, and I was watching as the stereotypical Grim Reaper walked back and forth to different houses before stopping in the middle of the road, turning to look at … Read more

Nealious James
Nealious James answered

Hello! Do you think about him a lot during the day? If this is the case, itโ€™s the reason you have him in your dreams/nightmares. Have you been unfair to him? You already know why he killed you and should think about it! If he has been a decent lad, there would have been no … Read more

Shehla Jadoon
Shehla Jadoon answered

This dream indicates that your father needs your help, do
take him to a  doctor for a check up a
shadow dream in almost all cases points toward a health issue such as high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol level or high or low sugar levels.

Roxanna Natasha
Roxanna Natasha answered

That's a creepy dream!!!! ๐Ÿ˜“ The black shadow meant the devil was following your dad but you blocked & stopped it or slowed it down so you can protect/defend your dad.

I used to have a dream that an extremely white & gray tall man with huge dark black eyes, straight thick black eyebrows & creepy … Read more