Danae Hitch
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Grammar and punctuation can be your friends.

In other news, it's simply a dream. My dreams consist of what I am thinking of or reading at the time I go to sleep. If I have a problem I'm trying to work through, I generally dream a solution. Not everyone dreams the same. Most of the time, … Read more

Dark Majinn
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Renewable energy . . . It's time to give the fossil fuels a long break.

Wind, solar, Hydro, perpetual motion generators (tide as well as movement of the earth), can supply ample amounts of energy.

If we need to produce oils then we need to focus on growing Genetically engineered biofuels like Algae - … Read more

mary adam
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Living in the real world.  Too much game consoles, internet, reality TV, mobile phones, twitter, snap chap, Facebook, selfies, CCTV. In our bid to escape reality, we are losing touch with ourselves, each other and the world around us.  You never see children skipping, climbing trees, riding their bikes as much, playing hopscotch, pushing prams … Read more

The Z.
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-Devising and implementing a strategy to ensure the sustainable habitation of the earth for thousands of years hence. 

-Replacing the stilted stigmas of man's primitive superstitions and crafted doctrines of "revealed word" with a worldwide social imperative for fact-based knowledge and free inquiry.

Ancient Hippy
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Humanity seems more intent on annihilation of the species, via war and terrorism, rather than preserving humanity.

I'm not sure what the numbers are but I'm sure the world spends more money on defense systems and weapons of war than on food and healthcare for the less fortunate.

Gator Blu
Gator Blu answered

It is your subconscious talking in your dreams, not your grandmother's. It means you are worried about her dying.

With that said, it is scary and no one knows how things will work out. If you are able to visit your grandmother, do so. Talk to her. Ask her about her life. Where she and … Read more

Dark Majinn
Dark Majinn answered

I don't know if can take solace in this, but we all start life ramping up to degenerate and eventually die.

While this is cold, it is part of nature's way to make room for the next crop or generation to come along and evolve the species.

Your dream is your subconscious playing out the … Read more

mary adam
mary adam answered

Dreams are usually linked to basic emotion, if you are afraid of losing your Grandma, and that you know she is going into hospital, then this is why you've dreamt about it, dreams can be torturous like that.

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered

Danae Hitch says in her answer, "Dreams usually come out of what we're thinking about"---an excellent observation, especially in the contest of your question.

Dreams are frequently an attempt by the unconscious mind to organize our fears and emotions about what might happen into tangible scenarios so that we can better deal with what is going … Read more

Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered

Dreams usually come out of what we're thinking about. You're thinking a lot about your grandmother and her medical issues. It came out in your dreams. It doesn't mean that she's going to die because you dreamt of her.

In this journey of her life, just be with her - talk with her - play … Read more

Tom  Jackson
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At face value, it's a story about your having to do something you absolutely didn't want to do, but could not figure out how to avoid doing before you woke up.

Trump just happened to be the person your subconscious used to be in your dream because you have heard so much about Trump in the … Read more