Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun answered Mickey Anna Brenda Contreras' question

Dreams have NO predictive capabilities.

They are merely your subconscious uploading data to your conscious mind.  You may not have consciously noticed the guy before, but your subconscious mind takes in far more detail than your conscious does.  So he was around, but you didn't notice him.

Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch answered Anonymous' question

Grammar and punctuation can be your friends.

In other news, it's simply a dream. My dreams consist of what I am thinking of or reading at the time I go to sleep. If I have a problem I'm trying to work through, I generally dream a solution. Not everyone dreams the same. Most of the time, … Read more

Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson answered Roy Roy's question

Pretty good summary about the dream catcher:

Ojibwa Legend & Story of the Dream catcher

Ancient legends about the history and origin of the dreamcatcher exist among several Native American tribes, but chiefly through the Ojibwe and Lakota nations. While many cultures find spiders to be creepy crawlers, the Ojibwe people found them to be aRead more

VetustIor Humo
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My wife was always making dream cstchers. Some very plain and others fantastic designs. So I would say we have enough dream catchers for all the bad dreams we might ever had. For me my bad dreams have been in reality so a dream catcher won't help.

YoWanna Cook
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I personally think it's suggestive. It is the power of suggestion. Kind of like picking up a penny and you are suppose to have good luck so you are believing good luck is happening.

Oops! I read the question wrong. Lol! If one actually caught a dream my would be blank because for a while I … Read more

Darik Majoren
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Renewable energy . . . It's time to give the fossil fuels a long break.

Wind, solar, Hydro, perpetual motion generators (tide as well as movement of the earth), can supply ample amounts of energy.

If we need to produce oils then we need to focus on growing Genetically engineered biofuels like Algae - … Read more

mary adam
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Living in the real world.  Too much game consoles, internet, reality TV, mobile phones, twitter, snap chap, Facebook, selfies, CCTV. In our bid to escape reality, we are losing touch with ourselves, each other and the world around us.  You never see children skipping, climbing trees, riding their bikes as much, playing hopscotch, pushing prams … Read more

Don Barzini
Don Barzini answered Veronica Dultry's question

-Devising and implementing a strategy to ensure the sustainable habitation of the earth for thousands of years hence. 

-Replacing the stilted stigmas of man's primitive superstitions and crafted doctrines of "revealed word" with a worldwide social imperative for fact-based knowledge and free inquiry.

Fred Jenkins
Fred Jenkins answered Veronica Dultry's question

Humanity seems more intent on annihilation of the species, via war and terrorism, rather than preserving humanity.

I'm not sure what the numbers are but I'm sure the world spends more money on defense systems and weapons of war than on food and healthcare for the less fortunate.