Nagesh Kothari
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Human Resource Management is very much important in every organization. The Human Resource Management is one that maintains the excellent relationship of the employees with the employers in the organization. The main objects are clearly trained in human resource management studies. You can join the ITM Institute for Human Resource Management course where you will … Read more

Space Cowboy
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I've never really encountered extremely bad management after graduating college and getting a real job. Most of the companies I've jump around are pretty socially liberal. So the environment is very relaxed. You don't have a set time to "punch in" because being an adult means you understand responsibility. Can't say the same about the … Read more

Refreshme Refreshme
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I haven't used this with supervisors or as I like to call them...stupidvisors. Never had the need. The thing is to try to keep things as positive as possible. Listen to them, repeat what they said in your own words to show that you have acknowledged them. Attitude and a willingness to excel in your … Read more

The Z.
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The most immediate idea is to seek a transfer, a different shift, or a new job. Another would be to rise above them, but that isn't likely in most jobs. 

If these are not options, do what you know is right and give them no fuel to "eff" with you. Press forward.

Of course you could … Read more

David Johnson
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You should include in your project proposal:

  • An Introduction
  • Background for Undertaking the Project
  • Procedure for the Undertaking of the Project
  • The Project Budget

The introduction of your project proposal should be short and it should inform those reading the proposal about three things: 1) What the project will accomplish 2) Why the project should be undertaken and 3) How … Read more

Ray  Dart
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In my callow youth, when I was learning to be a computer programmer (as software engineers were called in those ancient days) I wrote text processing software for a number of publications, one of which was the UK Government's "Guide to Statistics".

There are a LOT of statistical publications in the UK. 

The point of this … Read more

Didge Doo
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So that government can function. Sir Humphrey Appleby, Cabinet Secretary to Prime Minister the right honourable James Hacker, stated that if no records were available it would be "the thin end of the wedge; the end of civilisation as we know it."

Of course, Sir Humphrey was awfully fond of hyperbole.