Dark Majinn
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If you're curious . . Why not ask your boyfriend if this is okay?

Or, tell him you might want to see other people . . . Either way, you should open the line of communication and keep all "participants " Informed.

Dark Majinn
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So, you should be a little more respectful of others in this regard.

Men are aroused merely by sight . . . When you add in "Touchy and Affectionate", you are sending all the wrong signals to the male of our species.

Here's the point . . . You want to maintain your virginity? Fine. Respect … Read more

Lilly Gray
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pleaaaseeee for everyones sake: Do IT when you want to. Do IT because you feel your ready. Don't feel like your missing out on anything. You're really... REALLY not

Lilly Gray
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Personally I think you're overthinking this... Just try to get a date with the guy and get to know him before jumping to conclusions..!!

Danae Hitch
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Not your circus, not your monkeys. No, this will not affect the baby or mother and (2) why do you care? If the mother is getting regular check-ups, the doctor is already monitoring the situation. If there is an issue, he will talk to the mother and the father, if he attends the appointments with … Read more

Pepper pot
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Yes, the baby will end up with a dent in its head.

Not really, having intercourse will not affect the baby, in fact it will help the mother relax which is good for the baby and the wife's relationship with her husband.