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IMO, plain direct point. Keep your business and your legs close until you're 18. You know you're not missing out on teen pregnancy, STDs, early broken relationships, money problems, lack of education, possible missing school, problems with your parents and peers. 

A smart, intelligent and self-loving girl about to be a woman would wait until she's … Read more

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Stop doing favors for her  If she continues to want a close friendship, or if she no longer wants a friendship, you'll have your answer 

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The reason they are against it is because they can see around corners you don't even know are there 

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I LOVE the TV series Fargo!!!  The third season is supposed to be on in 2017  They've done such an amazing job with that show  Can't wait for the new season 

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I've been getting a flu shot for the past 14 years  Haven't had the flu in all these years either  FYI  if you want to assure you don't get the flu, it's important you get the shot before the flu is all around you  I get my shot in late August  There is about a … Read more

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Dear Anonymous,

Yes...I do see it as a problem. There is not much you can actually do about it, you feel as you feel. But you are limiting your horizons too much.

Even back in the Sixties when I was dating, as soon as I ever discovered a man felt like that, it was the end.  Friend … Read more

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I am a T2 diabetic myself  The problem is fast food places are basically carbohydrate stores  These are simply carbs (as opposed to complex carbs  Theses are great for anyone but if they are consumed in large quantities on a regular basis it can be deadly for diabetics  First your numbers get high on a … Read more

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I've almost always made my own birthday cakes  I like it kind of weird  my mother used to make them this way and I still love it    It's simply a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but between the two layers, instead of having frosting there, I put strawberry preserves